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Lode Walks Pamphlet available online

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Lode parish has an abundance of footpaths which explore the four corners of our patch and give access to adjacent parishes, their villages and pubs. This guide describes 18 circular walks from 3 to 20 km long, and provides sketch maps to help you to navigate. Hills are notable for their absence and stiles are few and far between, so generally the walking is easy. Much of the landscape is agricultural but there are some very attractive grassy lanes, some woodland, several lodes (man-made watercourses), and the River Cam, as well as some attractive vistas. Seven local pubs are listed in the guide, all serving food at lunchtime. Some are closed on Mondays and one on Tuesday as well - check before you set off. Please walk responsibly, following to the designated paths and keeping your dog under control. Please do not litter or leave dog mess (bagged or not) - it's not nice and it takes a lot more effort for us to clear it up after you've gone. Thanks - enjoy your visit to our parish!

Local Fundraisers

My name is Sue Foxwell and I have lived in the village of Lode with Longmeadow for the past 11 years.
I would like to ask for help from the village of Lode & Longmeadow with raising money for a sponsored cycle event which is being held in Sat 27th May 2017. As a daily cyclist some of you may have seen me cycling to and from work each day but I have never even considered a night ride as I would be more than happy most evenings to be tucked up in bed by this time. I have decided to try the challenge but I need help raising the much needed money to help make breast, cervical and ovarian cancer a disease of the past. 'Ride the night' is a sponsored 100k night ride. My time to leave Windsor is 22.00. I have a page set up on 'just giving', it is easy to use and won't take a moment. Thank you in advance - every little helps.
An update on the ride and a thank the people who took time to sponsor me - Rima Page, Ian & Carol Faulkner, Caroline Flack, Clive Cornell, Digger, Gill Fry, Louise (Mill Rd), Duncan Freeman, Ian & Sandy Middleton without your kindness & generosity I would not have been able to have taken part. 3000 cycling ladies of all ages, shapes, sizes & abilities set off from Windsor Race Course heading into London taking spectacular views of the Thames, Westminster Bridge, Houses of Parliament, Big Ben, a pink lit up London Eye and Buckingham Palace to name just a few. A lovely way to see the sites and sounds of a City in the middle of the night & do good at the same time. We took 5 hrs & 20 minutes to complete the course with 3 stops for refreshments etc. When we set off at 22.00 the total sum of donations had hit £1,200,000. Macmillan, who I am now attached to via work have documented that by 2030 4 million people will be living with cancer. I shall definitely be signing up for next year as it was easily the best charity cycle ride I've ever done. Thank you all it was much appreciated.
Sue Foxwell, Longmeadow

Places of Worship

St James' Church

The Rev'd Hailstone owned and lived in Anglesey Abbey and was the Vicar of Bottisham in the 1800's. He felt strongly that Lode should have its own Church and built St James' to the designs of Rhode Hawkins. The Church was dedicated in 1853 and the family supplied a vicar for over 80 years. St James' is a grade II listed church with a simple Gothic lancet style for the nave, chancel and western turret containing a clock and a bell.
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Lode Chapel

Lode Chapel has been a place of worship since the original building was started in 1810. Since then there have been several extensions and additions. The Chapel is still used for evening worship services once each month, although Sunday morning services are now held in Bottisham Primary School under the name of RE:NEW. Our church community also use the building for various social activities. We are very pleased that the Chapel is used as a regular venue for a number of local organisations and activities. It is also widely used by other churches and Christian groups in the area as a quiet space for meetings, away-days and prayer retreats.
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