Lode & District Social Club

The Lode & District Social Club closed its doors for the last time in 2014, but the Lode and District Social Club Company still exists and manages the capital raised by the sale of the property. It is a company limited by £1 guarantee of some 100 or so members. The directors of the company have been charged with setting up a charity to administer the capital for the benefit of the village and hope to achieve this in 2016. The Club Committee continues to organise social events and also advises the directors on the wishes of members regarding the company.

The Charity Trustees and Committee (Lode with Longmeadow Village Trust) are preparing the administration and banking procedures for the new organisation and anticipate announcing the procedures for grant application at the first AGM to be held in April 2017. Meanwhile, following the successful social events of this year, the Committee wish to continue a programme of village activities.

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